The CSIU Personnel application is a comprehensive package offering tools for all-inclusive tracking, storing and reporting of information for each employee in several modules: Employee, Absences, Insurance, Certification, Salary and Seniority. The software allows for record keeping and reporting for job applicants as well. Major features and characteristics include:

Effective Integration

  • Provides maximum efficiency and consistency by sharing common data with other CSIU applications such as Payroll and Fund Accounting.
  • Includes Query Maker, a flexible report writer.
Comprehensive Record Keeping
  • Records employee evaluations. 
  • Records extensive demographic information about employees and applicants.
  • Records absences (including leaves). Records and tracks employment of substitute teachers.
  • Records insurance, certification, salary and seniority data.
  • Tracks certification data required for state reporting,
  • Tracks professional development activities (both credits and hours) for reporting under Act 48 regulations.
  • Maintains sick bank data.
  • Categorizes employees by contract type or class.
  • Job Title Entry for position tracking.
Data Manipulation Tools
  • Absence accumulation process.
  • Employee Portal Absence Request/Approval and Message Center.
  • Import Absences from third-party software.
  • Processes to record employee absences and track substitute employment.
  • Computation of insurance costs per employee, with transfer to Fund Accounting application.
  • Computation of salary schedules and associated costs for budget projection purposes, with transfer to Fund Accounting application.
  • Computation of salaries (transfer to Payroll application available).
  • Mass update, by group, of seniority status.
Assorted Reports
  • Act 48 reporting, integrated with PDE website.
  • PIMS data file creation for submission via PDE's Web Portal (Staff, Staff Snapshot, and Staff Assignment templates).
  • Provides PDE-required reports, including certification report, Public School Support Personnel (SupPer).
  • Complete absence (and leave) history.
  • Seniority, course credit, and demographic listings.
  • Substitute reports, including reports tracking days worked outside certificated area.
  • Customized employee letters, created using MS Word's data merging functions, can include contract, absence, and benefit data.
  • Mailing labels and labels without addresses.
  • Audit Log.