The CSIU Bidding application is a comprehensive package offering tools for all-inclusive tracking, storing and reporting of information on vendors, items, requisitions and bids from vendors. Major features and characteristics include:
Ease of Use
  • User-friendly screens for data entry and report generation.
  • Context-sensitive messages and field identifiers to assist in data entry/selection.
  • Detailed online help is available from the Help menu.
  • Consistent in appearance and functionality with other CSIU applications.
Comprehensive Record Keeping
  • Records extensive information about each vendor, requisitioner and item.
  • Provides a sophisticated, three-level method of identifying items by category (major, submajor, and minor).
  • Requisitioner and vendors are associated with one or more categories. Requisitioners can request items based on category; vendors receive invitations to bid based on category.
  • Online entry of item requests and vendor responses. Online worksheet replica of requisitions and bid responses to simplify data entry.
  • Modified and expanded item description to assist with bid specification requirements.
Data Manipulation Tools
  • Complete bid analysis. System automatically selects low bid, but user can manually override system-selected bid.
  • Ability to accept/reject alternate bids and compute totals based on options of total bid award.
  • Notification to vendors of bid award and delivery specifications.
  • Option to post bid awards to purchase orders in Fund Accounting.
Effective Integration
  • Provides maximum efficiency and consistency by sharing common data with other CSIU applications such as Consumables Inventory and Fund Accounting.
  • Includes Query Maker, a flexible report writer.
Assorted Reports
  • Item requisition worksheets and summary analysis reports.
  • Invitations to bid and bid response analysis reports.
  • Notification of items not requisitioned or bid upon.
  • Detailed bid award listing and delivery requirements.
  • Vendor delivery lists for shipment to multiple sites.
  • Audit Log.