Consumables Inventory

The CSIU Consumables Inventory application is a comprehensive package offering tools for identifying, tracking and reporting of items defined as consumable. Major features and characteristics include:

Ease of Use
  • User-friendly screens for real-time data entry and report generation.
  • Context-sensitive messages and field identifiers to assist in data entry/selection.
  • Detailed documentation is available from the Help menu.
  • Consistent in appearance and functionality with other CSIU applications.
Effective Integration
  • Includes Query Maker, a flexible report writer.
  • Integration with other CSIU financial applications such as Bidding and Fund Accounting.
Assorted Reports
  • Item directory listings.
  • Transaction reports.
  • Receiving reports
  • Physical inventory checklists and recounts.
  • Item reorder status.
  • Inventory value verification.
  • Outstanding orders.
  • Pick lists, packing slips, and stocking report.
  • Item catalog.
Comprehensive Record Keeping
  • Detailed history of all inventory transactions.
  • User-defined units of measure.
  • Recording of manual receipts.
  • Tracking of supply requisitions and shipping.
  • Variable levels of approval for requisitions.
Data Manipulation Tools
  • Maintenance of supply levels.
  • User established reordering level and notification.
  • Physical vs. perpetual reconciliation.
  • Weighted average item valuation.
  • Flexible "order processing," allowing for routine order entry, item exceptions and substitutions, and delivery day changes.
  • Time-sensitive computation of beginning/ending balances.
  • Receiving module uses POs to automate receiving process for item inventory.
  • Ability to hold orders for future release.
  • Item inquiry of detailed transactions.
  • Inquiry of pending and shipped orders.
  • Automated back-ordering and release of incomplete shipments.
  • Audit Log.