Tax Collection Application

The CSIU Tax Collection application is a comprehensive package, offering tools for all-inclusive posting and balancing of receipts for real estate, per capita, occupation and other definable tax codes. When used in conjunction with the CSIU Tax Billing application, our software allows you to move data effortlessly through the tax billing and collection cycle. Major features and characteristics include:

Ease of Use
  • User-friendly screens for real-time data entry and report generation
  • Context-sensitive messages to assist in data entry/selection
  • Detailed documentation is available from the Help menu
  • Consistent in appearance and functionality with other CSIU applications
Effective Integration
  • Provides maximum accuracy and efficiency by sharing vital taxpayer information with the CSIU Tax Billing and Earned Income Tax applications
  • Satisfied payments can be applied to account codes in the CSIU Fund Accounting application
  • Includes Query Maker, a flexible report writer
Comprehensive Record Keeping
  • Maintenance of multiple years of tax information
  • Maintain delinquent tax status information and collection statistics
  • Identify tax exonerations and exemptions, changes and adjustments
  • Track interim tax bills
Data Manipulation and Verification
  • Balance collector receipts with tax duplicates
  • Ability to post partial payments
  • Batch totals for verification of collector figures
  • Delete satisfied payments or transfer record to history
  • Electronically customize receipt of payments from bank
  • Online review of all transaction activity
  • Apply satisfied payments to the appropriate revenue account in the CSIU Fund Accounting application
Assorted Reports
  • Tax collector worksheets
  • Listings of open taxpayer accounts.
  • Delinquent listings.
  • Daily transaction audits and statistical analysis listings
  • Prior year history reports.
  • Generic reminder letter to send to taxpayers during face period
  • Delinquent report for county real estate.
  • Create merge letter for current or delinquent tax bills using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets