Data Management Services

Building a Culture of Quality Data

Good decision-making requires high-quality data that is accurate, useful, timely and secure. Based on the quality-data curriculum being developed by the National Forum on Education Statistics, this multi-faceted workshop series addresses district staff at all levels (administrative, professional, technological and clerical) who have a role to play in producing high-quality district and school data. Topics include:

  • Why quality data is important
  • Components of a quality data culture
  • Roles and responsibilities with respect to data
  • Factors affecting data quality
  • Problems and solutions in producing quality data
  • Best practices for producing quality data
  • Data-quality resources

Custom Data Systems Development

The CSIU Technology Group creates custom information systems for educational, health, welfare and other governmental programs and agencies across Pennsylvania. The CSIU Technology staff provides system analysis, system design, software development, installation, training and remote and on-site support solutions to manage and report information concerning services, providers, clients and client requests, referrals and staff activities.