Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR)

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Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Resolution of special education disputes through a variety of methods, both federally mandated and voluntary processes. ODR provides seven distinct services:

  • Creating Agreement Training - Conflict resolution skills training program for parents and educators.
  • Special Education ConsultLine - An information helpline for parents and advocates of children with disabilities (or thought to have disabilities) and children who are gifted (or thought to be gifted) who have questions or concerns about the education of a school-aged child.
  • IEP Facilitation - A neutral facilitator attends the Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Gifted Individualized Education Program (GIEP) meeting to help the parent and other IEP team members engage productively in the IEP/GIEP process.
  • Resolution Meeting Facilitation - A neutral facilitator attends the mandated Resolution Meeting to assist parties in discussions about the due process complaint and possible options for resolution.
  • Evaluative Consultative Conference (ECC) - A consultant provides a confidential assessment of each party’s case based on the position paper and supporting documents the parties submit. The consultant offers to assist the parties in discussions about how to resolve the dispute.
  • Mediation - A voluntary and confidential alternative to a formal due process hearing, mediation may result in a negotiated, legally binding agreement.
  • Due Process - Parents or educational agencies may resolve educational disputes through a mechanism called due process. Due process differs from other dispute resolution opportunities in that a Hearing Officer decides the dispute for the parties.

Contact: Cindy Judy, (717) 541-4960, ext. 3924
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