SIF Integration

The Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) can help your administrative software work together in harmony.
And the CSIU Technology Group can bring it to you!

What is SIF?
Educational software varies in design and functionality; however, all applications share the same basic set of school-related data elements. SIF standardizes how these data elements work together to minimize redundancy and maximize efficiency.

Interoperability through SIF standards facilitates:

  • Real-time data sharing and collaboration
  • Streamlined data entry
  • Improved data quality
  • More effective use of staff resources
  • Increased instruction time for teachers

Extensive Staff Experience
The CSIU Technology Group has been an active participant in SIF's development and evolution since 1999. The SIF Integration Team has extensive experience implementing SIF in Pennsylvania school districts, including two of only 14 national showcase sites. The Team fully understands the inner workings of SIF, having developed a SIF-certified agent for the CSIU Administrative Software suite.

Members of the CSIU SIF Integration Team serve on the SIF Technical Board, act as Lead of the Student Information Systems Work Group, and actively participate in many other work groups and task forces. The team has worked with the PA Department of Education (PDE) in NCES-funded projects to develop a SIF-enabled statewide data collection system model, to test state reporting via SIF, and to crosswalk the PDE data dictionary with SIF objects and elements.

The Team was first to integrate SIF in Pennsylvania districts, and also first to move data from districts to state departments of education using SIF. In conjunction with the SIF Association (SIFA), the Team also develops and delivers on-line courseware for SIFA University, SIFA's officially authorized e-learning program.

Top-Notch Customer Service
CSIU's SIF Integration Services Team provides districts, regional educational service agencies, and states with cooperative planning, system configuration, installation and ongoing technical support, regardless of which vendor's software you use.
Assistance includes:

  • Developing an implementation strategy
  • Acting as a liaison between your district and vendors to ensure quality performance
  • Advising and training your staff
  • Selling, installing and configuring SIF Zone Integration Server software and other SIF agent software
  • Ongoing technical support for troubleshooting and upgrades

For more information, contact the CSIU Technology Group at (570) 523-1155 ext. 2128 or via e-mail at

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